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Some changes to Mastermind

Hey guys, I have been thinking about making some changes to the game.

let me know what you think of these.

mPoints expansion
limit the number of battles user can join
Asynchronous battles using fake players
Time based maps
New maps - as many as possible
Splitting airdrops into multiple versions
Change wording on attack distance to supplies or something more military
bug where game has already been won and you try to join another game.
Add more government types - lock based on levels maybe
ability to buy mPoints

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Having human vs. ai only maps where the ai have different difficulties and prize amounts based on those difficulties. This will help new comers with the ability to stack up on troops before entering games. maybe some how eliminate the time when creating a military force or dramatically reduce it. Example to reduce it would be to have 1k soldiers take 10minutes, 1k tanks=15m, and 1k jets=20min.
my only thought for completely eliminate the time and keep the game challenging would be to only get money through winning pvp games that have different prize winnings based on the specs of the game and of course the player vs ai........
thats all i've got for now, will post more ideas when i think of em, oh speaking of which, As of different maps, maybe have 3 kinds. Easy, medium, and hard. The hardest difficulty would be the same map lay out thats currently in use, the easy map would have only a few fractions of each continent and the medium map would obviously be between the hard and easy ones. Hope im making sense, im confusing my self when i type all this.


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