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Forum suggestion

Hey guys,

I was just looking through this forum and I find it really hard to see:

- which threads are (un)read
- latest poster (reply, time/date)

So... Admin, I dont want to be rude but I do have a suggestion

Right now there is a posted by column, which is static and wont ever change whilst the views and replies columns will change dynamically (dont u love PHP :P). Instead of having a "Posted by" column, have a "Last reply by" column.

The posted by information could go like:

Panda Tournament Sign Up
23:53 Jun 6th, 2012 by Admin

Just think this would a be a great addition. I read that the forum is all custom, nicely done. Happen to need a php dev :P ?

11:04 Jun 12th, 2012 | Edited: 10:07 Jun 12th, 2012


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I totally agree. It's a pain to figure out if people have replied, so I just open all the threads to check. If I didn't have a day job side clients, this would have been done by now :)

Just because you asked so nicely, I've changed it to last reply quick. If you're volunteering, it'd be nice to have some help, or help test some of the new features I'm working on.


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