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XP Gain 2.0 Suggestion

Well I'm not trying to be rude, but the xp system that currently stands isn't great.

Xp should not be based on whether you attack a player or not, it should be based on your troops, the opponents troops, etc.

It's so easy for randoms to just boost xp by joining games and constantly taking eachother with 8 troops vs 0, and constantly switching games when their juice runs out.

What I mean by this is we have Player A & Player X.

X takes a random country. X removes all his troops from the country but still owns it. A attacks with like 8 troops, wins. A removes all his troops and now X attacks with say 4 troops. Then they loop till they're our of juice, then start in a new lobby and repeat the process.

Another suggestion I have is delete lobbies with inactivity for 72 hours automatically, that can help with the problem aswell.

11:55 Sep 2nd, 2012


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Could you give me an example formula for calculating XP? I'm definitely open to changing this up in v2.

I prune empty games every few days.


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