05:22 Jul 2nd, 2012


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Empire Management

I think the Empire Management options are rather primitive, in my eyes at least.
For one, you should be able to name your empire. I think that would be cool, so if I took Nigeria, it would now be under the name of "AKG37's Empire" (or another name). Although basic and possibly unnecessary, it would be cool.
Also, basic management of Schools and Churches would keep your Population happy and pay you money, which would be a simple, yet strategic and effective, way of running your Empire.
These are just basic ideas, and if anyone else can think of anything for Empire Management, feel free to suggest things.

05:24 Jul 2nd, 2012


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There are schools and churches?

12:19 Jul 2nd, 2012


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You can research religion right now. I'd like to add factories and stuff you can build in specific countries, not empire wide.

03:26 Jul 5th, 2012


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I agree to the admin.
Do I(??)
I just wanted to ask if the sensitivity of religion could be lowered a bit because every time some one researches religion the population happiness goes very high. Can u make it so that it only goes to high or medium from very low.

23:41 Aug 30th, 2012


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can we have these spammers banned or something?

10:45 Aug 31st, 2012 | Edited: 09:46 Aug 31st, 2012


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I need to figure out how to stop spamming without adding captchas and crap. Any suggestions?


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