20:43 Jun 17th, 2012


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Panda Final

I just thought I would make a quick post about a problem I cam across with the Tournament Final to see if anyone has any suggestions, I hope I don't sound too bitter!

I joined the game 5hrs after it started and was up against gggggga who allready had all of asia, australia and most of western Europe. This meant that from the start my odds of winning were almost non existant because the of the shere amount of resources and troops he had compared to me, Cantwin joined shortly after and came accross the same problem.

It seems a bit unbalanced that the winner is whoever sees their message and gets in the battle first, there are very few tactics you can use when the enemy has 3x your troops.

There could be a couple of solutions to this, either have it so that the game doesn't start till all players have joined or set a time for the final to start, so all players can begin that the same time.

Anyway, I hope this isn't taken as complaint because I didn't win! It was a tense game anyway :)

01:49 Jun 18th, 2012


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ggggga has graciously agreed to a rematch. I've sent you all messages with more info.


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