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Just an idea

I dont know if anyone still plays this game regularly, hell, I don't even play much anymore spare the occasionl game I create and polay for about 5 hours, get bored when noone joins and log on a week later to find some random won in my absence. but I will continue.

I feel like what the game needs is more servers with a full 8 active players. they were always the best. I think I've nly experienced about 3 games with a full 8 I have had many with about 3-6 active players but 8 player games are a rare gem ythat I feel all mastermind players should experience at laeast once.

and no, I dont mean simply 8 players I mean 8 players who wont just simply log off and never come back after taking about 3 countries in afarica

so if you're interested in thsi kind of thing please message me your skype and I'm gonna make a skype chat of mastermind players.

even if we cant get 8 we can atleast have some competitive games of atleast 5-6

I dont care if you've been playing for 2 years or 2 days everyone is welcome in the chat.

I'm putting myself out here becauyse I know very few players will read this and even fewer will care to respond but its worth a try to save this game IMO.



I'm making a skype chat for mastermind players to organise big games, send me your skypes and I'll add you.

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My skype is 'godnmaste', I don't do calls


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